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Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb…

Knowing the difference between  a noun and a pronoun, or an adjective and an adverb, can be useful. This might help.

If you like music with your lyrics, there’s a  video here.


WORD NATION (Words & Music by Shaun McNicholas)


Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb

If you’ve got the reason, we’ve got the word

Adverb, conjunction, preposition, exclamation

We all live in WORD NATION


I’m a NOUN and I name things, that’s what I’m for

People, places, things and more

Actions, feelings, qualities, occasions

I name everything in WORD NATION


If you need another way to refer to a noun

Well I can help, I’m a PRONOUN

He or she or it or we or them or us or her or him

I guess that I’m a substitute, that’s my thing


I describe all the things we know as nouns

I’m an ADJECTIVE and they need me around

Green frog, big dog, tricky situation

I describe everything in WORD NATION


I’m a VERB and I describe what’s being done

Sit, sleep, sing, walk, dance, jump, run

I change my form to suit the situation

And I’m in every sentence in WORD NATION


I’m an ADVERB and I modify

I give the how, when, where and why

Of adjectives, verbs and adverbs

He sang sweetly, we flew upward


If you’ve got things to join together

A CONJUNCTION is what you need, I tell you

Jack and Jill, salt and pepper

If you need a bridge, you won’t find better


A PREPOSITION, that’s what I’m called

Take a noun or pronoun and some other word

I’ll show you how they relate together

Cart before horse, birds of a feather


Hey! Ho! Wow! Boo!

If you want emotion that’s what I do

I’m short and loud, I’m an EXCLAMATION

I put the spice in WORD NATION


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March 14, 2019

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